Key Note Speaker

Regenerative Orthopedics Specialist & Sports Medicine Specialist

DO Dr. Alberto Panero

Dr. Panero is the founder of The BIOS Orthopedic Institute in Sacramento, CA. He is regarded as an international expert in orthobiologics (PRP & “Stem Cells”) and interventional orthopedic procedures. His work has been published in many of the elite orthopedic journals and is regularly invited to present his research and interventional orthopedic techniques at the top orthopedic and sports medicine conferences. He serves as Team Physician for Team Alpha MMA.

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Sunday Nov 6

8:00 AM Introductions

8:05   Basic Principles of Ultrasound

8:15   Using the unit ( Depth, gain, taking pictures, doppler)

8:25   Evaluation of Muscle and its pathology

8:40   Evaluation of Tendon and its pathology

9:00   Knee Scan Live Demonstration 

          Break out Knee scan session

9:40 Shoulder Scan Live Demonstration

          Breakout shoulder scan session

10:10 Quadricep Scan Live Demonstration

          Breakout Quad scan session

10:30 Break

10:45 US Guided Procedures synergy with Biologics

11:00  How To Incorporate US into my practice

11:15  Billing & Coding

11:25 Live USG PRP Demonstration

12:00 Free Scan Session

12:30 END

Pre-Course Content

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    1. Intro

    2. Making The Decision

    3. Injection Type

    4. Equipment

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