Bridge the Gap in Shoulder Care

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This course is a part of the Bridge the Gap series where we dive into motion assessment of the shoulder, a process for regression/progression of movement and exercise towards meeting the intended goal - while having a guiding framework in place for testing to help the coach and clinician make safe and educated decisions when progressing their clients. You will learn testing protocols, exercise regressions and progressions, coaching cues, and practical strategies to incorporate.

Course Curriculum

    1. Anatomy Review

    2. Objective Exam

    1. Intro To Pain And Early Motion

    2. Troubleshooting Pain Management

    3. Hands On Techniques For Pain

    4. Using Tools For Manual Therapy

    5. Passive Range Of Motion

    6. Early Self Soft Tissue Resets For Motion

    1. Intro to Advanced Motion Development

    2. Advanced Motion Assessment

    3. Thoracic Motion Treatment Strategies

    4. Solution to Assessment

    1. Intro to Early Stability Development

    2. PNF

    3. Early Rotator Cuff Engagement

    4. Integrating Grip

    5. Light Loaded Motion

    1. Intro to Advanced Stability Development

    2. Intro to Stability Assessment

    3. Advanced Stability Assessment

    4. Advanced Body Weight Stability Progressions

    5. Advanced Kettlebell Stability Progressions

    1. Introduction to Strength Continuum

    2. Carry Series

    3. The Turkish Get-Up

    4. Concepts on Push and Pull

    5. Assessments of Baseline Strength

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  • 45 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content

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