Bridge the Gap in Knee Care

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This course is a part of the Bridge the Gap series where we dive into motion assessment of the knee, a process for regression/progression of movement and exercise towards meeting the intended goal - while having a guiding framework in place for testing to help the coach and clinician make safe and educated decisions when progressing their clients. You will learn testing protocols, exercise regressions and progressions, coaching cues, and practical strategies to incorporate.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Performance Continuum

    2. Conditioning Programming

    3. Knee Anatomy

    4. Fascial Anatomy

    5. Neural Recruitment

    1. Introduction to the Evaluation

    2. Joint Assessment

    3. Fascial Line Assessment

    4. Functional Movement Assessment

    1. Hands On Pain Management

    2. Manual Therapy Tools

    3. Achieving Full Joint Motion

    4. Addressing the Posterior Fascial Line

    5. Open Chain Knee Extension Pathway

    6. Closed Chain Knee Extension Pathway

    7. Addressing the Anterior Fascial Line

    8. Open Chain Knee Flexion Motion

    9. Early Closed Chain Knee Flexion Pathway

    1. Introduction to Single Leg Stance Development

    2. Assessment and Simple Interventions

    3. Dynamic Stance Intervention

    4. Reactive Stance Intervention

    5. Introducing the Squat Pattern

    1. Introduction to the Single Leg Plank

    2. Emphasizing the Basics

    3. Addressing Hip Mobility Deficits

    4. Diving into the Tactical Frog

    5. Addressing Ankle Mobility Deficits

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